CFS: Members

  1. Coordinator: Dr. R. Srikanth, Asst. Prof., Theoretical Sciences group, PPISR. Interests: Quantum information theory; Quantum cryptography; Quantum foundations; Solar physics; Consciousness, free will and causality; Uncomputability in physical systems.

  2. Prof. Sisir Roy, National Institute for Advanced Studies, Bengaluru. Interests: Astrophysics and cosmology; Brain function modelling and cognitive science; Computer science and image analysis; Electromagnetic theory; Foundations of quantum mechanics.

  3. Prof. Debjyoti Gangopadhyay, Professor, Dept. of Physics, Annada College, Hazaribag. He is the founder of our sister site, Nalanda Dialog Founder. Interests: Identity and individuation in quantum mechanics; Science and Oriental philosophy during the colonial period of India.

  4. Dr. B. Ramachandra, Director, Center for Fundamental Research and Creative Education (CFRCE), Bangalore, India, and Adjunct Assistant Professor, PPISR. Interests: loop quantum gravity and black holes in a cosmological background.

  5. Dr. Kallol Roy, Postdoc, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.
    Interests: Deep Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Scalable Inference Engine Design, Topological Data Analysis.

  6. Mr S. Aravinda, Postdoc, IMSc, Chennai.
    Interests: Quantum foundations; Blogger in Kannada & English poetry; Socially relevant plays and drama.

  7. Ms. Hanaan Hashim, Tech. entrepreneur.
    Interests: Internet of Things, wearable technology and quantum cognition.

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